Óskar Magnússon



When Oskar Magnusson (b.1954) graduated from high school, the head teacher wrote the foreword for the school yearbook, dividing his class into two groups.

Oskar, however, wasn’t included in either group and the teacher’s description simply ended by saying: “And then there’s Oskar Magnusson: he’s Oskar Magnusson.”

Oskar has had an unusual life. Growing up, he worked for a living during summer vacations and while attending school, as per usual in Iceland. At the age of 17, he was a deck hand on a fishing trawler, as well as a cook and a netman.

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Oskar has written two novels, two short story collections and numerous short stories.


Henhouse syndrome

Novel published with JPV Útgáfa in 2019

Þegar mannslík og tvö hundshræ finnast á víðavangi í Fljótshlíð þarf Stefán Bjarnason verjandi að takast á við útsendara CIA, íslensk lögregluyfirvöld, úrvalslið rannsóknarlögreglumanna, ríkissaksóknara, íslenska og erlenda ráðherra, flugfreyjur, mannræningja og ógæfumenn. Inn í söguna blandast einkamál hans, veikleiki fyrir fallegum konum, lævís og lauslát vitni, ljóðelskur sendiherra, harðger dómari og herskáir bændur af Njáluslóð.

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The Defense Attorney

Novel published with Forlagid in 2016

A mother flees with her young daughter from the United States to Iceland in breach of a court ruling. A team of specialists are hired to retrieve the child. They befriend the mother, deceive her by staging a film shoot, and try to kidnap the child in the night.

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Látið síga piltar

The Reckoning

Novel published with Forlagid in 2013

The Reckoning takes place in the present, in a secluded valley in Iceland called Hlidardalur, an oldfashioned farming community that fosters love of the land, solidarity, frugality and industriousness.

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Ég sé ekkert svona gleraugnalaus

Short story collection published with Forlagid in 2010

I Can’t See a Thing Without My Glasses is a collection of short stories by Óskar Magnússon which depict ordinary people in their everyday life.

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Borðaði ég kvöldmat í gær?

Did I Eat Supper last Night?

Short story collection published in 2006 with Citixen.

The name of the short stories catch the readers attention immediately: Gold glitters, Oh ho ho, paper everywhere, The Cook and I only need one shot reflect diverse subjects of Óskar's stories in this collection.

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Oskar's short stories have been selected for publishing internationally.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is the first anthology of Icelandic short fiction published in English translation and features work by twenty of Iceland’s most popular and celebrated living authors. The collection transports readers to Iceland’s timeless and magical island of Vikings and geographical wonders, promising to be a seminal collection that will define Icelandic literature in translation for decades to come.

Oskar's story, The Cook, was published in Out of the Blue and can be read below.

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